Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Stuff for Ya'll

WHAT UP EVERYONE! Yeah I know I haven't posted anything up in a long while. I decided to continue posting stuff up, mostly artwork. I decided to begin painting, drawing, sketching as often as possible to level up my art skills!

A photoshop painting of King Midas. I had done a quick basic sketch of the sculpture at The GETTY CENTER. Then came home and did a photoshop painting, since my sketch was basic and simple i tried to remember what he looked like. I noticed he looks younger and in peace, the sculpture you will find look completely different hahaha. It was fun doing the painting, and good practice.

A photoshop painting of some weird crazy pale chick. My hand just decided to paint this all of sudden. I need more practice. BUt I like her Freaky eyes,,,kinda alien like.

A CRAZY ALIEN BRAIN!!! Aerrggg.......

I Did a circle in Illustrator because I had Art I didn't know what to do. So this little critter came to be, slowly but surely I came up with something interesting out of a single circle. haha done in Illustrator and finished in Phototshop.

A creature of unknown origin. I was practicing my painting skills. All done In Photoshop.

A little green alien that crashed landed in a desert, now under disguise, he will become a bounty under muahaha...nawwwh I was just messing and painting in Photoshop.

I just felt like doing something with the one simple drawing of a ghost, then it became this little scene. This is a fast, simple painting in Photoshop Cs4 using my Wacom Bamboo tablet.

This here is a pissed off gorilla. Painted in Photoshop CS4

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