Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a Sketch #3

Just some sketches of some dudes...all practice baby.
feel free to comment on my work. Constructive criticism welcomed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Stuff for Ya'll

WHAT UP EVERYONE! Yeah I know I haven't posted anything up in a long while. I decided to continue posting stuff up, mostly artwork. I decided to begin painting, drawing, sketching as often as possible to level up my art skills!

A photoshop painting of King Midas. I had done a quick basic sketch of the sculpture at The GETTY CENTER. Then came home and did a photoshop painting, since my sketch was basic and simple i tried to remember what he looked like. I noticed he looks younger and in peace, the sculpture you will find look completely different hahaha. It was fun doing the painting, and good practice.

A photoshop painting of some weird crazy pale chick. My hand just decided to paint this all of sudden. I need more practice. BUt I like her Freaky eyes,,,kinda alien like.

A CRAZY ALIEN BRAIN!!! Aerrggg.......

I Did a circle in Illustrator because I had Art I didn't know what to do. So this little critter came to be, slowly but surely I came up with something interesting out of a single circle. haha done in Illustrator and finished in Phototshop.

A creature of unknown origin. I was practicing my painting skills. All done In Photoshop.

A little green alien that crashed landed in a desert, now under disguise, he will become a bounty under muahaha...nawwwh I was just messing and painting in Photoshop.

I just felt like doing something with the one simple drawing of a ghost, then it became this little scene. This is a fast, simple painting in Photoshop Cs4 using my Wacom Bamboo tablet.

This here is a pissed off gorilla. Painted in Photoshop CS4

UNIT 002

Hello, I finished working on an idea for an emblem that would go on a mech story i was working on for the UNIT 002. I was planning on making a 3D mech. but unfortunately my current computer power is insufficient. Well this was done in illustrator and the background in photoshop and painted(All Quick Like).


I am going to start doing some fast and simple stuff, to post up. hopefully someone would enjoy them. I am gonna do this to improve my art.